Blog Awards

We were recently lucky to be given this award by the very random very Twilighter Lenore.

The rules are...1. Link the blog who gave you this award. 2. Give the award to seven other bloggers and link them. 3. Tell them that you have given them an award.

{1} Lenore-The life and times of a very interesting young lady. She seems to lead a pretty interesting journey through her blog. She's a sweet person who likes Twilight and Laura Marling. So if you need a smile, head over to her blog!

{2} Ambroisine-She lives in France. Her blog is bilingual. And she really has nice things to talk about. Really, go look.

{3}Oh Joy!-Trends from the wonderful far reaches of the design world. This one's just makes my day.

I really don't spend much time looking through other blogs, though I probably should. There is some really good stuff going on. So I'll leave it to Yami and Mai if they feel like nominating anyone.


where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

"Fifty People, One Question is a simple project with surprising results. We go to a place, ask fifty people the same question and film their responses."

i came across the fifty people, one question project about a month ago.
it's beautifully shot.
quite unique. & very touching.
i loved each and every one of their responses.
it's surprising how many answered that they'd want to wake up where they are,
as who they are & with the people they love.
shows that self-contentment does exist in this world.

they also have a london, new orleans, and new york video.

as for me, i honestly don't know.
maybe a place where math tests don't exist.

"it's a simple question and the answers can lead us anywhere. so go ahead, ask yourself"


The Human Network?

It amazes me how easy it is to go international. Just looking at all those little clusters of dots on the map all the way at the bottom of this page makes me kind of happy. My ideas and thoughts and photos and life can be shared with the world, with people thousands of miles away, to places I've never been, and places I probably haven't ever heard of. The comments below are pretty much open to anyone, even if you're not a registered user. I (we) are really interested in hearing about where you are, what it's like in your neighborhood. Go ahead and just say one sentence, it can be completely random, about where you come from. I'm eager to listen. =D

Where I am, there are only two seasons: hot&dry and the nebulous period when the leaves fall of the trees, the days get shorter, and you might need a jacket.



I just had to share this beautiful tie from Naked & Angry. I don't wear ties, but if I had someone to give a tie to, this would be my first pick. If I had $95 dollars laying around. Just the box it comes in enough to awe over.

I might also go and get them some of these beautiful surface graphics from bilk *drool*. I wish I had a few extra dollars around to get me this or this, both of which just happen to be Threadless designs.

Sometimes I just like to look at design, not just for inspiration, but it's a nice little mental vacation in the course of the day.



beyond the sea

that's freddie.
& he's blingtastic.

"if a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she’s late?
-J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye



Lately time has become so precious. I barely can withhold a shudder looking at the little white digits ticking away at the bottom of my computer screen. That clock has kept my life in time for the past few years, at the end of every school day, to the morning hours of the next, to every AIM conversation I just couldn't leave, to every batch of photos I couldn't stop editing and uploading, to every tired and sleepy moment of night, and all until my hands cramp up so badly I have now resorted to using my left hand for the mouse.

Really, I should save this stuff for senior year.

I wonder what this is.


The New Generation

There is this incredible society of young photographers, and they're just amazing. The new generation of photographers mixes old and new, color and darkness, all of it. And they never cease to amaze me. Sometimes when I'm in need of inspiration, I'll go and look at the Young Photographers group on Flickr, and I'll always find something new. It's wonderful how so many young people have found the love of photography and a means of expression that us at Chromaphilick have found.

Here are a few of my favorite young photographers. They've all impressed me to no end, and they all really know how to use a camera.



eons ago, i was tagged by lenore to complete the secret fairy wishes challenge. this would be my first time to do these but i found that it was fun.
here are the rules for those that also want to participate; make a bunch of secret fairy wishes, hopes, desires, or bits of advice and scatter them somewhere magical...take lots of pictures and/or video and post it to your blog, telling us all about your fun. tag at LEAST 3 other bloggers. go to secretfairywishes.blogspot.com and comment to tell us you did it! **note: you don't have to be tagged to participate, but you do have to tag others if you participate and you must participate if you're tagged!

mind you, i won't be revealing the secret wishes that i had written down. when i was younger, someone told me that wishes mustn't be shared so frivolously. once spoken, they told me, their meaning becomes lost in a sea of frittered hopes. except in a different language, so it made much more sense.
i think they had meant for me to actually accomplish goals instead of just daydreaming & talking about them. or something like that. whatever.

except for the thing i didn't say when i had the chance:
i had originally wanted to scatter them here; but then i felt a tinge of guilt for littering.

so i did what i sometimes do. i made my way to the library & left a souvenir within each of my favourite books. a little piece of paper, within the pages of another story.

as for leaving them somewhere magical, i think the library would suffice. as a kid, i think i'd wanted to live in the library. i think i used to dwell between the medical journals & the Arts section most often. so much for the dewey decimal system; maybe it foretold the dilemma i have now. oh, the irony.
the one that i used to visit as a child was such a grand building, with shelves that stretched upwards, all the way to the high ceilings. quel magnifique.

*note: that isn't the library i used to visit.

as for whom i will tag, i can't think of anyone at the moment, so i will just leave it open to anyone who would like to partake in it.


My Review

Thanks to Zamaika, I finally got to watch The Fall (see her post below). I saw a few screenshots and awards it had recieved on a film festival website a few months ago, but I had never really gotten around to looking for a copy.

The movie was brilliantly filmed The story sort of reminded me of the fantasy in The Little Princess, which was my favorite movie for much of my young(er) life. Catinca Untaru (Alexandria) was incredible. I loved the dialogue between her and Roy. It was like a child would actually speak to an adult(especially the feigned innocence when she lied). Does anyone else think Lee Pace (Roy) looks like Sufjan Stevens?

I was told today that my face looked like a square. This would seem a bit offensive, except that's exactly what I thought when I saw myself in the mirror the day after surgery. xD I basically look like a chipmunk right now. I was reminded of an episode of The Weekenders in which the characters went to the grocery store, and one of the characters was made aware of his head's resemblance to a pumpkin...

In other weird news, I stepped in some weird, unknown yellow *wince* liquid at Michael's today as I was buying scrapbook stuff. So when I got out into the parking lot, my mom helped me and poured bottled water down my shoes. And some of it got inside and I think the ink leaked a bit. This reminded me of the one time in Aeropostale when my mom had to help me take off this sweater I was trying. I have a hard time pulling things over my head with my head out first, so I couldn't do it on my own. It was hilarious.

I finally picked up a camera and took a few shots today. But they won't be up until I get a little break. wahhh


F#1: The Fall

hey guys. here at chromaphilick, we not only love colorful stationary pictures, we also adore visually stunning moving pictures!
so i hereby introduce, movie monday?...film feature day?(does that sound cheesy? any suggestions? post a comment).
mind you, these are only our mere musings; our liking of the film may be based on the outstanding plot, the unique cinematography, or the cool effects. feel free to express your own sentiments, whether or not you share our humble opinions or to share your own favorite films :)

the first film to featured is one of my own favorites:
directed by tarsem singh
stars lee pace *swoon* & catinca untaru

synopsis: "At a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s, Alexandria is a child recovering from a broken arm. She befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man with legs paralyzed after a fall. At her request, Roy tells her an elaborate story about six men of widely varied backgrounds who are on a quest to kill a corrupt provincial governor. Between chapters of the story, Roy inveigles Alexandria to scout the hospital's pharmacy for morphine. As Roy's fantastic tale nears its end, Death seems close at hand."
every shot is a piece of artwork, and from what i've heard, the director chose to use as little special effects as possible- which is amazing. i adore catinca untaru & the storytelling aspect of it is just so fantastical.
& now i will bombard you with picspam :)

*all copyright credit goes where they're due of course. & the last two collage arrangments are by karla.
also, would anyone like to trade links?



It's weird how simple little things like sleeping on the couch and eating baby-sized pieces of food kind of make me feel good. Even if I can't open my mouth more than an inch and despite the fact that my cheeks are distended to an extreme I've never thought possible, being in recovery kind of feels like a convenient excuse to relax.

Still, I'd much rather be eating like normal and getting back to the usual.

The first time I had an obnoxious tooth removed at the age of 6(?), I went home and played Sonic the Hedgehog to ease my pain.

This time, I wasn't much in pain, but watching Pride and Prejudice made me feel a lot better.

I've been in a really Jane Austen-y mood lately.


a while back, we were helping tristen's grandmother sort through her old things. after piles and piles of memorabilia and other little trinkets that i'm sure would be worth a lot by now, we came across some old costumes from her former theatre troupe. this particular hat/helmet/whatever was worn by a character in their rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream. it was such an odd little thing that i had to take photographic evidence of it (excuse the blank expression, i didn't know what to do with my face).
gosh, i love old ladies. she gave us these ridiculously fantasmic cookies then told us about the year she spent doing reconnaissance/espionage work.

good times.


New Interests

yay for light art!

Recently, I've been getting into inspiration from graphic design.
Here are a couple sites that I've found interesting:

Card Observer-inspiring business cards

Kuler-for color match artist's block

One of my little guilty pleasures is listening to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. From the movie version with Kiera Knightley. I definitely don't seem like the person to like this type of movie, but it's one of those films I never get tired of. Actually, it's just about the only movie I can watch over and over and still love. And the soundtrack by Dario Marianelli is amazing to match. It's just such a beautiful arrangement of orchestral music.


Back then...

I took this a lonnnng time ago. Like when I was eight years old. I never really liked being in front of the camera. I'm completely unphotogenic. I just always wanted to be the one holding the camera.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday! eeeep. These will make 11th teeth extracted from my mouth. Yup.

I just discovered Adele. Yeah, I'm slow.

Compatibility tests. Hah. heh.


When I Heard the Lern'd English Teacher

When I heard the learn'd English teacher,
When all the allusions, the hyperboles were ranged in Cornell notes before me,

When I was shown the Aristotlean triangle, to annotate, summarize, and synthesize sources,

When I sitting heard the educator where she lectured with much awkward silence when questioned,
How soon my brain grew puzzled and swollen,

Til fleeing and escaping when the bell rang,

In the fluorescent-lit paradise of science and from time to time,
Look'd up in perfect euphoria at the periodic table.

-The poem Zamaika and I made for English modeled after When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer, by Walt Whitman.

The weirdest thing happened last night. I was really sleepy, I had a headache, and I could barely look at the computer screen because there were white spots and lines in front of my eyes. And everything looked really bright. I was so glad to wake up in the morning with my sight normal again.

I discovered the widescreen format on my camera. Everything looks oddly beautiful on widescreen.

Overachieving is fun. =D
So is salvaging books the English department has had since the school opened 60 years ago. A
nd watching basically your whole English class so eager to get free books.


come away with me

"i dug up an anthill once
& my friend told me the ant gods would come to get me in my dreams
& i said i didn't believe him,
but later that night i went down & tried to put the anthill back together
& i even added some lettuce & mashed potatoes & pork chop from dinner
in case they'd been too busy to eat
& i never heard from the ant gods, so i figure it worked out."



As the fork came down for the next bite, Billy Blue popped out of his spot in the soft, fluffy, pancake, and fled, wailing a shrill cry, a cry of liberation.

He's sweating pancake!

Muahah! I, too, can post food pictures! Yes indeed. I'm trying to find a nice suitable scrapbook for NHS, but I don't know where to start! I've never scrapbooked in my whole entire life! And I'm guessing it's nothing like arranging digital images on Photoshop. -_-

Perhaps I'll end up liking it. I just need to figure out where to begin.


raspberry framboise cream w/ a strawberry on top

things that made me smile today:
-got a package from a childhood friend.
-got stuck behind a bus after a stoplight, & someone graciously let me cut them. regardless of people honking at them.
-finished reading mineko iwasaka's geisha, a life. good stuff.
-CAKE. it's a vice. but what can you do.
-overheard someone talking nicely about me, even when they didn't have to.
video. i love oren lavie. (video is free on itunes, btw)
"this is why god gave us stop motion." heh.