nutritiously delicious

what i had for breakfast this morning.
oh nutella, how i love you.


Still Sick

Egh not fun. Don't you ever get pharyngitis. My head's hurting, I can't talk, I keep coughing, the list goes on and on.

But no matter how sick I am, I'm still thankful for today and Thanksgiving and all my family coming home and going to see Twilight Saturday. I'll probably feel really gross for a couple other days, but everything aside, I'm pretty happy about this weekend.

Seriously, this cough needs to leave.


Flickr is just not liking me right now

Groups are freezing and I can't add new pictures to groups! ahhh

I finally had a few new pictures today from the LV Blind Center. We wrapped gift baskets. For me, it's sort of a tradition. Peiwei, Lydia, and I have gone every year for the past 3 years and we've officially done every station and every job there is to gift wrapping.

We sang Christmas songs, put bows on the baskets, and sat on giant whales.

Yup, it's true. There was a real fake whale.



Grr. Heidi haz cold.

My head feels all stuffy and my whole body just wants to sleep.

I sort of really want to sleep right now.

Oh, and I wants this shirt.

Have a good week you guys. This is the first full week we've had in a while, but Twilight comes out this Friday and next week's Thanksgiving! YAY! I just wish we had beautiful fall leaves over here.


Fell Behind

Oh yes indeed I have fallen behind on my posts... Shame on me I know...

School is oh so very stressful my friends.
Too much make up work. *Gasp*

And I've had to deal with the disappointment of not going to Six Flags. 


Oh, look. Who can this be?

I took this picture of the amazing Damian Kulash of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND OK Go *fan girl squeal* four years ago!

So I wanted to try out some perhaps not-so-pro Photoshop techniques on him. Anyhow...

yeah. I'm obsessed. Now the world knows. =D


The Sky is on Fire

The sky's on fire outside.
I'm serious.
You should look.

The neighborhood's alight with pink, a color I'd prefer in the sky than on myself.

I love days when the sky turns everything rosy. It only happens a few days a year.

Enjoy it when it comes. =D


If I were...

...deep, I might have a title for this.
*fake lomography

man, do I miss Cali.


Paper Towns

I finally finished John Green's Paper Towns yesterday. It was, so far, John Green's very best book. I can't really tell you what it's about though since I suck at summarizing complicated plots. But anyhow I was so excited to get it.

I did some macro of my eye while I took a break from reading. I need to exercise me eyes once in a while. I have terrible eyesight. xD This was handheld macro is some beautiful light that always comes in my window around 2 PM. It was really quite amazing it came out decently sharp too...

HOOHAH. dftba, everybody.


Vote Here

So I'm sure you've all heard... It's election day! 

I'm super excited to find out who our next president will be but I'm even more excited about the fact that I don't have to watch these commercials anymore.
I've been watching them for a year and it gets kind of annoying after a week.
Anyway, I'm still not eligible to vote. Dang it... This is like one of the most exciting elections and I can't vote.
Everyone says it will be historical... But that's if Obama wins... If he doesn't, will it still be as historical?

I hope everyone got out and voted.
My mom didn't but at the same time I can understand her point of view.
I'm more worried about the younger generation not getting out and voting.
There's more of us, so the more that vote the better. 
Enjoy your week and all that good stuff.

Testing tomorrow. I hope I don't fail. If I do, bye-bye diploma! 

Election Day!

I hope everyone out there is doing their civic duty and voting today! One more election to go and I can actually vote. I'll be so excited to cast my first ballot. Suffrage has been fought for so many years and I think sometimes people take it for granted. So, even if you didn't vote today, remember that voting is a privilege.

I saw this poster in San Francisco's Chinatown over the summer and it was just a really cool poster.

So tonight I'll be watching the polls and doing some homework. I also got Paper Towns and the new Mental_Floss History of the World from Amazon. *excited*

Back to school tomorrow...Only hours until we find out who our new president will be!


Awkwardness and Flickr Tips

This is like the awkwardest thing I've ever seen two mannequins doing. O_o. Oh, the interesting things you'll find at the mall. Have you ever been at the mall at like 10 at night?? It's really dark. And the escalators are turned off. Well this is what I saw two nights ago setting up for the Alzheimer's walk at 8. The food court was almost completely empty and it just made for a good picture.

Today was not nearly as exciting as Ari's because it was spent doing HOMEWORK!!!! blehhh but thank goodness for the weird Tuesday break coming up. Election day! wh00000t! I'm way too energetic for this time of day. But I'm mostly a night person anyhow.

So it's getting kind of chilly today and gloomy. I don't know about you, but I really like that kind of weather. Growing up in the desert does that to you I guess...

Ok, I realized that a lot of our blog so far has been us talking about life and stuff but I think it's time also to give to the readers (which will hopefully grow exponentially like a petri dish of bacteria on a warm, humid day. NERDFIGHTERS! Go Harry Potter! That was for Zamaika. =D

Well my first thing to give is to you Flickr users who can't seem to get enough comments/favorites/views.

Tip 1: tag your photos! Unless someone searches your username, your pictures won't show up on searches.

Tip 2: join Flickr groups. There are thousands of groups to put your photos into. All you have to really do is join the group and then add your photo in, and just like magic hundreds of users will be able to see your work. This is also a great way to see other people's work and meet other people. You can join multiple groups so don't feel like you're commiting to anything big. Some of my favorite groups are:

Young Photographers-because the new age of photography just amazes me.
Colors and Colors-because...well just look at this blog's name.
I Love Nature-because we all should!
I Love Black and White-because white is the culmination of all colors and black balances white.

On one final note, I'm really loving the song Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot. It's just amazing when you can hear the band is having a good time just making music together.

Just One of Those Days

Well today started off as one of those days that felt like nothing could ruin it.

I went to a friends party at the Mandalay Bay and stayed the night with a view of all of Vegas.
Played pranks all night and didn't sleep till 5.
And went to the wave pool on a cloudy, windy day and made me feel like I was lounging on the beach.
But by the time you get  back home you feel all that stress come back and BAM! Relaxation and a stress free life have gone bye-bye! 
I forgot my $89.00 jacket at the hotel and that jacket is no longer available. 
BUT I'm positive my friends grabbed it for me.
My mom seems to think otherwise and is making me freak out even more because she won't let it go.

So the stress free and peaceful day I thought I would have has disappeared and now I feel stressed and upset.
But yet I don't know why.
Yes I'm scared for the jacket... But I'm not sure that that's what's bugging me.
Do you ever have those days where you just feel  upset and stressed and feel like crying, but yet you have no idea why because nothing has happened to make you feel this way?
Well welcome to the club. I'm there right now and it's a sucky place to be in if I do say so myself.


Alzheimer's Awareness

So yesterday and today I spent about 8 hours total of my life in the mall. Half of that time was spent setting up for and working for the Alzheimer's Association annual walk. I took a ton of pictures for school and I think I saw Ari there but I'm not really sure...? Well anyhow, if you don't know about Alzheimer's you can read about it here. I took a few pictures just for the sake of photography and this one's my favorite of the day. We have one follower! Yay! But does it count because I asked her to join. xD Have a good weekend everyone.

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oh yeah. YAY IT'S NOVEMBER! L'automne is my favorite season too.