All Those Nights

Chase Coy-All Those Nights I can't stop listening to this song, and I'm usually not the sort of person who can stand the repeat button.

I want to take advantage of every second I have this year. Gotta savor everything about it. =D But I'm lacking in photography at the moment. Nothing I've taken recently is more than random recordings of life (i.e. the minimalism of post-its in my book, except not that artistic). For now, I wish you all luck, happiness, and laughs.

Loving my friend's blog. This is a recording of high school life 6 words at a time. Saying less really says more.
gorgeous tea bags
a new bamboo pen tablet sans pen

Musical discovery of the week: Owl City (FIREFLIES!)



i'm doing pretty well.
you know, apart from the lack of sleep and mounds of assignments, pretty well.
i think i'm holding up...but then again, i anticipate it getting worse.

i hope you're doing well too :)

i'm so excited! autumn is approaching...the wind actually blows cool air nowadays
i love the cold weather.


Sony Ericsson

messing with lomo again

I saw my little nephew's ultrasound today. He's going to be a really active little kid!

I'm getting back into papercraft. Unfortunately, though, I haven't made any lately. =/ If you haven't tried it, go try it!

I replaced my 580i for the 3rd time today. I like the phone a lot, but it always dies on me. meh. 90 day warranty ftw!

I am now officially sick. I have a sore throat on one side and my nasal passage feels like sandpaper, but everything else is normal. It's really weird...Any random panaceas you could offer?

If you haven't heard the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack yet, go listen to it. And thanks to Lizzie, I am now addicted to another instrumental song. Beautiful stuff. It makes me want to go sit on a bench in a park that has fall colors.

Have you patted yourself on the back today?


Can't wait til fall!

My brother pointing at the birds flying down the shore. For some reason, there were different flocks of them flying together in the exact same path. It's amazing how birds have such good internal compasses. I read about a study once that proved that people naturally walk around in circles if they get lost in the forest. Now, how did that happen?

Summer is wonderful and all because it means more freedom than usual and no homework. But really, the best season ever is fall. Everything looks so much better when the weather is perfect and the leaves turn color. I went to Canada when I was 11 during autumn and I saw some of the most beautiful examples of nature. I also like going to William-Sonoma. It makes me feel like it's fall. That made no sense at all.

Have you guys had Sobe Life Water? It's like the best drink ever created. And I'm not even kidding. Go play 3 tennis matches and drink some ice cold Life Water. Best. Thing. Ever. Well, I guess, anything ice cold after tennis is the best thing ever...

How does one acquire such a high sense of detail? (pt. 1 of 3)

In regards to Zamaika's last post, tomorrow is the MTV VMAs, and OK Go up for an award for that same video alluded to. It's been awhile since anything huge has happened for them, so I hope they win! There's this story behind the video about sticking it to the man.

Back in 2006, the band made their famous video and posted it to YouTube, all on their own accord and without Capitol Records' permission. They made a homegrown video and just launched it. Capitol Records attempted to gain something from their video success and uploaded their own HIGA video to YouTube. Thankfully, the original is up to 47 million and the "official" up to 300 something thousand. OK Go isn't just a bunch of quirky guys who make videos. They're an actual band, they're really amazing people, and they make really awesome music. And we can all learn a thing or two from them about staying grounded.

btw, Zamaika, my favorite is the last one on your last post. =D

Speaking of awesome music...

Best wishes!


here it goes...again

i'm sure heidi has a thing or two to say about that title.
anyway, this post is for the butterflies. these shots are all i have of them for now.
i'll probably take more in the future, but this is it for a while.

i'm sorry that i can't provide you with their specific names since i'm not much of an expert. i do love them though.
which one has been your favorite?

when i was four, i saw a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon. i moved forward to try to help, but my mom stopped me. she said that if i helped it break out, it wouldn't be able to fly. she said that it was the struggle that gave it the strength to fly and survive.
she also told me that if you whispered a wish to a butterfly, it will carry it off to someone who will make it come true.


i think this is like the 5th one of these

hope you guys aren't getting tired of these butterfly shots.
maybe i should just purge all of them into one ginormous butterfly post.
what do you think?


blue morpho butterfly

"the hidden harmony is better than the obvious."
-pablo picasso

again with the butterflies, i know.
& rocks.
& i'm sorry i've been away.
i won't bother exhausting you with excuses.
rather, please take these as a peace offering.
it's just that i don't really have anything worth saying, & so i just refrain from making you suffer through a pointless ramble.
i think it's better for the both of us. yeh?

on a different note, i also saw 500 days of summer. quite a while back actually. & just as i thought i would, i liked it.
a lot of people disliked summer's character, but in her defense, she did say from the start that it wouldn't end as he thought it would. it was a disclaimer. he can't expect anything. also, if he isn't the one, he isn't the one. right?
anyway, maybe it's just me. maybe it's because i can relate. i don't know, what do you think?

there's something i have to talk about though, the soundtrack. my goodness, it was like my itunes playing onscreen. Kaisa, my wonderful friend, had to sit next to me as i sang along the entire time :)

do you know what else i've noticed?
the smiths.
the smiths and their consistent ability to be noticed. to be shared. to be listened to.
in movies, or in real life, whichever you prefer, whenever the smiths are playing, someone invariably points out that they love the smiths or starts humming along or starts singing the lyrics or takes their headphones off and waves them at your face signaling for you to listen and share and enjoy the glorious euphony that is the smiths' music. it's a constant. or it's probably just me. yes, it's probably just me. so if you haven't you really ought to check them out :)


Writer's Block is a fiend.

Senior year is proving to be busy, and far busier because of the impending future that is college. I still might have to winnow down my college list, and my mind won't let me write! I need some inspiration, so if you could help me out, I would love you forever and ever. Ten points for the person who can tell me what college this picture is. Fifty if you vote. =D
And wish me luck for tennis season. We did well for pre-season, but this Wednesday is our first actual match.
Shoutout to our new follower, Debbie!! Could you comment or something because I don't know how to use the follow widget to get to your profile. haha yes I'm so pro at being n00b.

My sister's visiting. And another one is coming home tomorrow. =D Someone new to bother. muahahaaha.

So I'm really getting a Community Channel addiction. And I'm actually behind on the vlogbrothers stuff. Could it be that my interest is waning?? I miss old school vlogbrothers when we were all cheering John on to chug blenderized Happy Meals, when Strawberry Hill meant something, when in your pants was invented, and when just looking at a Peep made one want to roll over and hurl.

Billboards can be so amazing. It took me a long time to figure out the McDonald's one. Too clever for me I suppose.

Colors, colors, colors for inspiration. I wish I could translate color into a coherent, witty essay.

Yearbook pictures. Classy. I hope mine don't haunt me someday. Ryan Seacrest. haha.

Have a great week guys. And make good use of those Firefox Add-ons! If you, too, are on the adventure to college, good luck to you.