where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

"Fifty People, One Question is a simple project with surprising results. We go to a place, ask fifty people the same question and film their responses."

i came across the fifty people, one question project about a month ago.
it's beautifully shot.
quite unique. & very touching.
i loved each and every one of their responses.
it's surprising how many answered that they'd want to wake up where they are,
as who they are & with the people they love.
shows that self-contentment does exist in this world.

they also have a london, new orleans, and new york video.

as for me, i honestly don't know.
maybe a place where math tests don't exist.

"it's a simple question and the answers can lead us anywhere. so go ahead, ask yourself"


  1. I LOVE THIS!! i think, i would want to wake up...At the beach...a beach next to a huge city, and when i go outside, all my friends and my loved ones are standing there...that would be lovely. ((by the way, i linked u on my blog!))


  2. Thank you for posting our project! We really appreciate your comment! What city would you be interested in seeing in our next video? We look forward to hearing your answer at :

    We have just finished filming in Mexico City, so please stay tuned for more!
    Thanks again!