My Day's Spent

I had a bit of a photo spree and running spree today at the Spring's Preserve. I took a couple "panoramics". I'm not even sure what to call them. They're just photo stitches I suppose...

The new Wong Fu video's out! And I'm not quite sure how I like it yet. Only the first two parts have been released, and it feels like it's all leading up to the best parts. Unfortunately, those two last parts will be released in succession on the next two Fridays. Oh, Wong Fu, why must you taunt me so?

This is really interesting. It's a Twitter that is actually the diary of blogger David Griner's grand-aunt. She lived in the 1940's in America on a farm, and boy was farmlife a bit uneventful. There does seem to be, however, a lot of getting sick and a lot of guns. Interesting...Just a piece of history I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you happen upon a good rest of your weekend. Be productive. =D


Once in a Blue Moon

This was about the 20th take of similar shots I took the day it snowed here a month ago. The snow caked on the car window pane, the water condensed on the glass. I'm not used to snow, so I'm not sure if this is something that, like, usually happens when it snows. xD

This one was perfect. We stopped at a red light and the tail light of the car next to us was in the right spot so that the moisture sort of diffused the light.

Anyway, this is a once in a long time shot. It hasn't snowed like that for 30 something years and it only lasted about a day where I live.

Randomness: These mustache pencils are absolute genius. Anyone want to buy me some? haha

New Wong Fu video tomorrow!
I hope you can tell I'm the obsessive one here. xD


The Last...

I don't know why this is underlined, but I can't find out how to undo it.

I don't know about this one...It's a little off to me...But I had an overexposed shot I figured I should use somehow.

I've been thinking...about next year and how everything will turn out.

Sorry I don't have much to say today. But even if I don't sound like it, today was pretty good. I had fun walking the halls at school. haha. I realllly need to stop this underlining thing.

I have to write a little essay on this piece we're going to play in orchestra, "Terry Riley in C", but I still can't figure it out much. It's really quite a beautiful piece though, and I sort of want to start playing it.


Happy New Year!

I feel like this one was a little oversaturated/contrasted. But I like the lights of the cars in the background and the bokeh feel.

Happy new year! Of course, I don't mean January 1st. I mean Chinese new year! and also some other Asian new years as well. I hope this year will treat you nicely.

So much has happened in the past year. So much has changed. It's crazy if you think about it. So much more will come in the new year. And I hope it all turns out even better than last.

I finally used my gift certificate and after 3 years just looking at the shirts, I finally ordered a couple.
1 2



I was really excited yesterday to post this one. I was a little off though, with the shot. A second earlier and they would have made a perfect heart. Oh well...

A word of advice: Don't get to close to the white ducks with food. They will hiss and attack you until they get fed. =O

Download in French =télécharger.


She & Him Makes for Perfect Photoshopping music

I had quite a nice day at the park the other day. The crisp, cool Vegas winter air breezed through the trees. It was really the perfect day to go out.

I also mingled with some lovely birds.



I was going to edit my pictures from the park the other day, but my eye has developed a sty. bleehhh.

Can't open my eyes for more than 2 seconds straight. And I don't mean because I'm blinking. -_-



I always wanted to live where there were actual leaf piles in the fall. I bet there'd be much photography to be had.

I had a word stuck in my head today, expectorate. It means to spit. xD


January 20th

Tomorrow is an important day in history.
Good luck, Obama.
Good luck, World.



From the competition. I won, but I don't know what to ask for for my prize...

Today I
-was nearly attacked by a flock of geese
-realized how close I am to graduating
-was actually productive
-probably stressed out more than usual
-discovered new music



So this is the first time we've had someone from Nevada on to nationals for piano competition. And two of my friends get the chance to represent! They're amazing, and I wish them the best of luck.

In other news, I've been unwinding from finals by getting into ABDC. I never watched and followed the show in earnest, but I knew somehow that I was supposed to cheer for Super Crew. xD Since the amazing crew Quest is in it, I'm going to be cheering for them this year. Yay! I remember the first time I saw them on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago. And since, they've gotten a lot of publicity. And it doesn't hurt that they were in a Wong Fu video and performed at last year's ISA.There's a girl in Quest, but I heard crews could have a max. of 7 people, so she's in another crew to watch Boxcuttahz. Intersting...Her name's Lydia Paek and she's also an incredible singer.

I can't wait for inauguration. But I'll be at school on Tuesday, darnit.

i'm really link-happy today, can you tell?


New Stuff

Sorry for the lapse in posts. Midterms are this week and it's been crunch time for a while now. I got a break a couple days ago and I went to CES (the consumer electronics show) with a couple friends. We were just about the only people under 18 and not in some kind of business attire. haha There weren't as many freebies as usual. I did get some nice 3D glasses. hoohah! There are some amazing things coming out this year, but I only remember:

-3D television in your home (but you have to buy a special TV to watch it)

oh wait, I didn't even look a the products half the time. I was just looking/hoping to see someone famous *cough* Wong Fu or taking pictures...Jeopardy was taping, so I got a veryyyy far away look at Alex Trebek. He was probably just avoiding the cameras. And I saw this 150 inch television, which is just insane if you can afford to put in your house.

One thing that won't stop bothering me is that I can't figure out this song. I took a video just in case someone might know. I really like it and I realllly want to know what it is. Can anyone help, please?

Wish me luck!


Fake Lomography!

Many months ago, Zamaika introduced me to this amazing thing in photography. It's called lomography, and I still don't have a lomo camera. But I do, however, have Photoshop, and I've managed to fake a bunch of lomography.

Basically it involves |

-Filter>Distort>Lens Correction to create the vignette {the black corners}
-adding excessive (30+) contrast to RGB channels.
-a lot of guesswork and trial and error

For a better tutorial than this not-very-helpful outline, here's the one I followed. Now that I look back on it, the actual procress is a lot easier than the tutorial makes it seem. Basically, I took the elemental from the site and then tweaked it with whatever I was comfortable with.



Everything starts out small. This pine cone is actually the size of a dime. And yet it grows to be a giant redwood, the tallest trees in the entire world. Lately, I've been kind of stressed, as you might be able to tell. But I realized I have to take things slower, see the brighter side of things, appreciate the little things. Because those little things add up, and they make for a much better way to see life.

And plus, I had this to cheer me up yesterday.

Make the most of your day. =D



Tired...and ready to sleep...oh the effects of studying. This picture was taken at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, another of my summer shots. I tried to get all artisticy here by shooting what I think of as a backwards silhouette...something like that.

The other day I read this article on Mental_Floss of the reasons we yawn. It's too bad, though, that we still don't exactly know why. It's been scientifically proven that it has nothing to do with CO2 or Oxygen, but what else could it be? And why do we yawn when we see other people do it? The article suggests our "yawn instinct" could come from ancestral instincts. Our minds are supposedly more active and alert when we yawn, so when one person in these ancient groups yawned, the rest would, and the group would be more efficient. Well, it makes sense to me at least.

55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing another person yawn.

I think...I might go to bed now...Good night.


My Shoes are Soiled

The one day it started to snow in Vegas (a couple Wednesdays ago), and I mean really snowed, like more than 2 centimeters, I was late going to school. So i put on my pride and joy, my shoes that I drew, instead of my chucks, because they're a lot quicker to put on. And as I ran through the slush and took pictures of the snow, my hands frozen cold and my legs numb, the highlighter on my shoes ran and created a bit of a mess. But all's well. I got my pictures, and it's a nice souvenir. Once the competition is over, I can finally post my snow pictures. eeep.