Off to the Sunset, off to 2009

At my absolute dream school. This is the reason I've been studying like crazy for the past bajillion years. But it's also the reason I'm such a nerd.
It's been my dream to go here ever since I went there as a little girl. I sort of just knew it was my school and I never lost that feeling...
This past summer, I went back up to get a tour around the campus and it was one of the best days of the whole trip. I'm just hoping and wishing I'll one day be able to call it my own.

That day, we went down by this place where the beach met rocks and the road, so we took pictures from the golden hour right up to a couple hours well after the sun was gone. It was freezing cold and I remember I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but just being there and waiting for time to pass and just not thinking about much made everything sort of...perfect.

I hope you get many of those moments in the coming year. May this year be the best out of all you have spent so far.

See you in 2009! =D


I really would like...

I really think a lomo would be fun to toy around with. And perhaps an old polaroid or a wide angle lens. Film is a little costly to me right now, and a wide angle will set me back, but maybe one day...

I took this one at the Urban Outfitters in San Francisco. I absolutely LOVE that city. It's perfect for photography, and this summer I took to Northern Cali to visit some family and see my dream school. It was a few months before this blog started, so I haven't shown the world my work yet. I'll be posting my best for the next few days, since I won't have much of my best shots for a few weeks. I'll be saving them up for the competition. I'm also cracking down on studying and whatnot. I went to Borders yesterday to look at study books and I literally got a headache just by the stress that followed.

I think...I need a break. I'm glad photography can give me some repose at least.

What relaxes you? And if it's photography, how does photography relax you?



some native tribes believe that a photo can physically capture one's soul. i think i somewhat believe this.
photos capture our happiness, sadness, our love, our hate, (our indifference)...our spirit.
& in turn, a part of us.

except the whole soul-snatching bit.
because that would be too creepy.
*just got back from lunch. rafe treated me to some jajangmyeon. yumm.


For Christmas this year, I decided to make something more personal and less bought for my family.

It was a little bit of creativity and a little bit of frugality for me. And papercraft is now become a new hobby. It uses a bit of ink, but it's amazing when you can make a little piece of paper into something beautiful and tangible. Thank you, papercraft creators!

I'm trying to learn more professional photography, so I'll probably be doing more work with the Nikons and Olympus more than my little Canon. I love them both, though, so I'll probably alternate.

Lastly, I hope everyone had a good holiday!



"they say that every snowflake is different. if that were true, how could the world go on? how could we ever get up off our knees? how could we ever recover from the wonder of it?"

-jeanette winterson



*random factoid: i was one of the kids who never believed in santa. but i did believe in faeries. i still do.



Something I can post! Yay!

So a friend from school made a paper icicle for me and all I saw in it was The Sims. So I colored it green and taped in on my wall so I would look like a Sim while I'm working. xD Yeah, I'm that much of a nerd.

A couple more weeks and I can show you what else I've been photographing. It's all building up for the contest!

J'adore this blog

Christmas in 4 days.


between the lines

"isn't it odd how much fatter a book gets when you've read it several times?

as if something were left between the pages every time you read it.
feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells...

and then,
when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too,
a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower...
both strange and familiar."

-cornelia funke


Man, this is onerous

I barely have new pictures to show for because they're all going to be in the competition and according to our rules I'm not allowed to show them to anyone...

I did have some hot chocolate today, though. mm So here's a picture from last year.


Happy Santa Run


that's all I have to say


I learned myself some new Photoshop stuff/gradients/etc. And now I'm like reallllly hungry and I should probably be going to bed. I get to see thousands of Santas run around tomorrow. xD

omg OK Go has a bundle sale on their site. ahhhh. I wannnt.

gonna get some food...


ladybugs are fun to look at.

Don't you just love fake lomography?

I feel so behind with a lot of stuff....

but otherwise I'm feeling pretty much good. =D


Yay I'm all better now!

Zamaika and I spent English today being deep. xD jk but the poem we wrote is just about as deep I can really go.

I've gotten so into this amazing artist Sufjan Stevens. Anyone else think he's any good? hmm?

Oh, yeah. I saw Twilight on Saturday. It wasn't as bad as people said or as good as people said. I think I actually want to watch it again. It was quite a laugh.

Today marks the beginning of my month-long photography competition with Richard. muahaha

What's the relationship between a pumpkin's circumference and its radius called??
*buh dum chi*

maybe if i wasn't such a packrat...

my room is a mess.

my books & daydreams strewn about.
laundry & secrets shoved under the bed.
piles of papers & confidence lining the shelves.
with a closet full of trinkets & regrets.

i meant to tidy up before company arrived, but i found that my self-doubt was far too big to fit into the wardrobe.

i really should get on that.