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Thanks to Zamaika, I finally got to watch The Fall (see her post below). I saw a few screenshots and awards it had recieved on a film festival website a few months ago, but I had never really gotten around to looking for a copy.

The movie was brilliantly filmed The story sort of reminded me of the fantasy in The Little Princess, which was my favorite movie for much of my young(er) life. Catinca Untaru (Alexandria) was incredible. I loved the dialogue between her and Roy. It was like a child would actually speak to an adult(especially the feigned innocence when she lied). Does anyone else think Lee Pace (Roy) looks like Sufjan Stevens?

I was told today that my face looked like a square. This would seem a bit offensive, except that's exactly what I thought when I saw myself in the mirror the day after surgery. xD I basically look like a chipmunk right now. I was reminded of an episode of The Weekenders in which the characters went to the grocery store, and one of the characters was made aware of his head's resemblance to a pumpkin...

In other weird news, I stepped in some weird, unknown yellow *wince* liquid at Michael's today as I was buying scrapbook stuff. So when I got out into the parking lot, my mom helped me and poured bottled water down my shoes. And some of it got inside and I think the ink leaked a bit. This reminded me of the one time in Aeropostale when my mom had to help me take off this sweater I was trying. I have a hard time pulling things over my head with my head out first, so I couldn't do it on my own. It was hilarious.

I finally picked up a camera and took a few shots today. But they won't be up until I get a little break. wahhh

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