Firefox Add-ons are kind of addictive

So my internet is fixed. But my AC is now broken. -_____- gehhh. Well at least I can blog. haha. K, so my list of Firefox has come as promised. Here's my list of the best Firefox add-ons I have used.

Stumbleupon-Currently something I use everyday. The little stumble button fits neatly on a taskbar, and collects my favorite pages in a convenient page. It's a nice and neat way to bookmark pages instead of actually bookmarking them (since I already have too many of those). Check off as many interests as you can. You never know what you'll get. You know I'm the one on the blog that loves her links, and many of them I have Stumbleuponed.

TinEye Reverse Image Search-Many a month ago, I had this brilliant idea for an image search that used images to search for the same image all over the net, no matter the size. And then last week, I found this gem. It's the most amazing search engine you'll ever find. I just wish I'd found it earlier...

Download Statusbar- I love (times 3) this app. That annoying and cumbersome download window is gone forever with this convenient little app that fits at the bottom of your browser. With a click, you can see the status of your downloads and with a double click, you can open up the download. My best friend on Firefox.

Personas-Layouts for Firefox. I recommend: this, this, that, this, and this.

-It'll probably slow your computer down while it opens up, but this one is a must-have if you're trying to find a picture. Those annoying page numbers on Google images gets tiring. And this 3D photo viewer shows bigger thumbnails. It's a life-saver if you need to find the right photo.

I hope these are useful to you guys. I'm still in the running on Brickfish, and I would appreciate your votes so much! Every 8 hours you can vote, if it so moves you. I entered in two new entries to a b/w campaign as well. Thanks and have a good week. If you're in school, good luck!

If you have any add-on suggestions, please do tell! I love these things.



Things look like this to you when you get only 2 hours of sleep before the first day of school and can't stop worrying that your internet is broken. Moral of the story is just sit still if you can't fall asleep! And stop worrying!

If you recognize the picture above, it's our banner at the top...So yes, true story. I had like no sleep the night before school and my internet decided to stop working on Saturday night. -_- So sorry I didn't answer your question, Will. And I didn't do my Firefox add-on reviews like I promised. But I'll do a post over the weekend. I'll have more time to spend with the add-ons, as I've had little time to do so. To keep you busy in the meantime, please graciously accept the following links:

How the heck do you do this???
Video games on YouTube...huh...
LOL this is why I'm a nerd.

Have a good week guys. Get good rest!


I wish there were (500) Days of Summer

Yesterday I finally saw 500 Days of Summer! First off let me say I love the wardrobe choices. I didn't know office wear could look so good...skinny ties. =D I went through the soundtrack before I saw the movie, and seeing how everything fit made the songs just that much better. The movie was uniquely told, a creative breath of fresh air, or as I once said, a fresh of breath air. It may be a close second to HBP as far as my summer movies go. The beginning made for a surprising ending and, well, I'm satisfied with things end of to be. It's a realistic, but cute tale of, what I perceived as fate. Go see it! And listen to my favorite track off the soundtrack. And by the way, Zooey is a wonderful singer. Actually, Joseph wasn't that bad either. Even if he was acting drunk. There is something very pleasant about Joseph Gordon-Levitt when he speaks.

I discovered a bunch of Firefox add-ons, so reviews are coming in my next post. I will tell you that I now have Stumbleupon and making good use of it. So far I have found:

Some uh...interesting street art
Some examples of a project I've always wanted to do. Unfortunately, the back of my monitor is basically just a poster and wall. And shadow.
A reflex test at which I fail.
A cool way to travel through photography.
Architecture+skate+HD+mellow music=one of the most beautiful things to come out of skateboarding

Enjoy your week!



My bookmarks are so piled up I have to scroll through them. I just can't help it! Here's a bunch of stuff in the past week I've collected.

An interesting font
Some vintage design
Creative photography
A lovely hoodie

Woodstock facts I know you don't know. the bird, not the music festival.
And a little Discovery (for fans of Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, and checkered color)

Sorry this post isn't so exciting. Tennis=waking up earrrrlllyyyy

I'm watching 500 Days of Summer on Sunday. The blogosphere convinced me.

Is the ability to recite almost every line of the movie Pride and Prejudice a talent?



daily dose of butterflies:)

"be silly. be honest. be kind."
-ralph waldo emerson

dang, ralph sure did have it all figured out.
have a nice day!


I can never title these things...

A month or so ago the girl cutting my hair recommended this amazing product for my hair. It's made of tea tree oil and mint, so it's refreshing just using it. If I've had a bad day or if I'm suuuuper tired, this stuff can wake me up or perk me up so easily. The only downside is if you get this in your eye, it's like putting tiger balm in your eyes...and I have before actually. O_o A cooling sensation isn't good for all occasions...

Thanks to you guys for voting for my Brickfish pictures back in this post and Zamaika's in the post before this one. A friend told me you can vote every 8 hours, so if you really have some time, there you go! And do tell us if you vote. We really appreciate your support.

I applaud you if you can achieve this.

For some reason I have a thing for watches and ties, even though I wear neither of those things.

Sometime this year I hope to make a beautiful like this with one of my friends. Good times. =D

I played a Maple Story private server last night for two hours. I haven't played for a couple years now, and man is it addictive...

Have a fantastic week.



is the hawaiian word for butterfly;
it literally means
"flying lehua flower that lasts for a short time"

i don't know why but i somehow have tons of shots of butterflies, i haven't taken up butterfly catching as a hobby or anything
hmm, maybe i should. if it was good enough for nabokov, then it's more than good enough for me.
i don't know, i've just seen so many this season.
i think they're gorgeous. did you know a butterfly weighs only as much as two rose petals?
regardless, they can fly thousands of miles.
so i guess you'll be seeing more of them here. do you like butterflies?

also, please please please with a sugar coated cherry on top
vote for this, this, this, this & this.
thank you oh so very much.

I have that urge to go shopping...

What kind of clothes do I seem I would wear? Because honestly I'm perfectly fine in PE shorts and a t-shirt anyday. And that's actually my attire for the day sometimes. Comfort first for me! I was watching this commercial for some clothing company for some kids and I realized that kids going into middle school or even high school grow up thinking they have to fit into some defined persona (rock star, skater, prep, uhhhh). But really, c'mon guys. We've also been told to break the mold, right? A friend of mine pointed out to me that the my class ('010 ftw!) is so lax with the clothing style. At least at my school...except there are exceptions *cough**cough*.
The nerd style is the most fun to do.

These were a couple of cute little gems I found at Urban Outfitters. I love the ship notebook, although I had no real need for it. I could really spend a few hours in there just looking around.

Currently back into 90's music-loving mode. Right now I'm listening to this one song...I think I've forgotten a bunch of the old 90's songs. Any recommendations?



Does it strike you that I have some weird infatuation with clouds?

August is here, guys. Man, things are going fast...Senior year is fast-approaching and I'm not sure if I should be excited (to be on top), scared (for all the college apps/scholarships/school coming my way), or perhaps just nostalgic (for the last year with people I've spent a good amount of my life so far with). I've made a resolution with my friends to make senior year as epic as possible. Trying new things and taking chances on things. It's going to be a crazy ride, but it's going to be a great ride. I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it, I'm freaking ECSTATIC for senior year.

Nothing else exciting for me right now...I rediscovered Two Hours Traffic and I've fallen for the sound of their song Close Up to Me from an old EP. Scroll down!

Oh and I've been watching the X Games. I've been inspired to skateboard/BMX again. Wouldn't believe someone like me would be into that stuff, huh?? I was an aspiring BMX girl when I was a little kid. I think I might go skateboard tomorrow...I wish at which to do such a thing.

You guys up to some new ventures in summer? Some bungee jumping or perhaps butterfly collecting, mm?