it's so nice to sleep in my own bed again.
so nice & comfy.
it's not that i've been sleeping on hay or anything.
in fact, i've been sleeping on some very soft beds. maybe they're those orthopedic kinds, yah.
but they just can't beat one's own bed. there's just that slight difference.
the way your pillow knows the curve of your head.
the way those covers smell like, i don't know, something special.like the smell of comfort, safety. a familiarity.
if that makes sense.
so i digress; i'm starting to ramble & i should stop before i start sounding like someone from the princess & the pea story.

anyway, i'm not quite done wandering around but i'm home for the time being.
i'll be posting the vacation pictures. they won't be in order since i'm more excited about some more than others. i love vacations. where are you guys hanging out during the summer? where have you been? where would you like to go?


Once Again

The wedding was beautiful and really relaxing. I had my first pedicure/manicure, which was pretty interesting. We were in this little town called Ojai
I don't think I could live in a small town. It was really peaceful for a few days, but I think I like cities much better. I have to sort through bout 3000+ photos at the moment, so that stuff will have to wait. It was hilarious to see my family whip out their cameras. And the full arsenal of DSLR, too. The photographer probably got a kick out of that one. But my problem was that the reception was too dark and I had to manual focus. And looking at the results, I must say I am SUCH a n00b at it.

John Green knows exactly why it's so awesome to be a nerd. :42

And I FINALLY watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yeah, sure it was all character development. But you know what? I waited a whole extra half a year for that thing! AND it's HARRY POTTER. I LOVED IT!

I've read a few books so far this summer. Death of a Salesman, Slaughterhouse Five, Northanger Abbey, Fruits Basket (even better than television), and currently One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Nothing totally out there, but I figure I need to read those classics. Yes, that includes the Fruits Basket.

Is it just me or have those Warheads candies and the show Monk just disappeared?


now you know

"in spanish, esperar means to hope.
ironically, it also means to wait."



Urban Outfitters is a pretty nice place to gander around for a while. There, I learned that I would really enjoy this book.

So...HARRY POTTER is OUT! I don't know why I'm so excited, because I won't be seeing it until next Friday. But you know, just the fact that the world can see it is enough to make me happy.

I'll be seeing you guys in about a week, or if you/I am lucky enough, I'll have a computer within that time. Zamaika! Call me when you get back in town! I have no idea if she'll actually read this...

Do you guys know what ffffound.com is? Because all I know is that it's full of graphical inspiration.

And one last thing, I've discovered omgpop, this mutiplayer online game site. Pictionary ftw!

Have a great week you guys. Enjoy your summer. And please do leave a comment somewhere on here. We're losing the love. Let us know someone's still out there besides us reading this. haha.


Katy Perry's image of waking up in Vegas is not nearly close to mine

I had a photo trip with my Dad a couple days ago, so I'll have aplenty coming from that one. I finally got to visit our local Urban Outfitters, which I must say was not as cool as the one in SF. But that's because it's SF. AP scores are in (GMH), and the next thing coming is a retake of the SAT I's. The college admission process is upon me, and it's full speed ahead! Photography keeps me kind of sane at times, though. I'm glad I have that, no matter how much I do enjoy school.

Harry Potter comes out in 3 days! I'm putting a counter on Chromaphilick. YESSS. Emma Watson's going to school here in the US. I wonder where. I joked with my mom that wherever she goes to college, I'll definitely pick that one. haha. Yeah, we'll see. Can you tell I'm in HP obsession mode again?



my gosh, i love fruit.
they're basically what i've been eating.
especially nectarines :)

& i recently discovered all these different types of watermelon.
i already know about the basic red fleshed ones in their different sizes, as well as the yellow & orange ones.
also the cubed kind & i've had the special densuke kind.
but tony tells me there are white fleshed ones (cream of sasketchewan) & that there's one called the moon & stars melon.
well not really.

are there any others that i don't know about?


still packing

i haven't really said much lately.
much of it has to do with the fact that i've been a very very busy youngin'.

i got home early on tuesday morning.
& i'm leaving again today.
i still have to pack fresh clothing.
& i'm really craving tarts.

i've been going back & forth between different places for a while
& it'll stay that way for the next month or so.

so much fun! but oh so tiring.


My Fourth

This is what came about on my Independence Day.

I spent 4 hours at the DMV. man... But I had a ton of reading done. I'm readying Slaughterhouse Five right now. And my, is it interesting to read. Now I see why Vonnegut is admired as such a great writer.

I have a new pair of aviators and they make everything look lomo.


Happy July 4th!

Last year's
Without the Founding Fathers, we wouldn't have the chance to get pictures like this:

so consider yourself lucky! And you are.

my Harry Potter obsession is renewed. I spent like 2 hours this morning perusing Mugglenet and HPTrio. IT's going to EPIC.