and now I flinch when I hear the wheels of a bike churning by...

So I got hit with a bike the other day, out of no where when I was walking to class on a footpath. I think I fell quite swiftly, actually. The guy must've been going like 10 mph and he fell down too. Actually, that made me think I was way more durable than I thought I was. But yeah, I'm ok. Now I have a story to tell and a battle scar coming on my left palm.

Besides that, college has been AMAZING. People are incredible, but class, as always, is still a pain. I have a sore throat, but I'm going to see either Chiddy Bang tomorrow or Asher Roth on Sunday...hmm...choices choices...

My goals in college are coming closer:
a) mixing my own music
b) breakdancing

Some tunes
A little freaky, but pretty awesome, Arcade Fire.
A healthy dose of inspiration.
My roommate and I discovered the perfect workout song.

I'm excited!
I hope you're all doing well. =D