a while back, we were helping tristen's grandmother sort through her old things. after piles and piles of memorabilia and other little trinkets that i'm sure would be worth a lot by now, we came across some old costumes from her former theatre troupe. this particular hat/helmet/whatever was worn by a character in their rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream. it was such an odd little thing that i had to take photographic evidence of it (excuse the blank expression, i didn't know what to do with my face).
gosh, i love old ladies. she gave us these ridiculously fantasmic cookies then told us about the year she spent doing reconnaissance/espionage work.

good times.


  1. This hat is so funny ! Can't believe she did espionnage work, wish I could hear some of her stories !

  2. that sounds fun sieving through souvenirs from a different time with so much history and stories running through your fingers :) and i'd love to listen to her espionage and recon work too!