I wish there were (500) Days of Summer

Yesterday I finally saw 500 Days of Summer! First off let me say I love the wardrobe choices. I didn't know office wear could look so good...skinny ties. =D I went through the soundtrack before I saw the movie, and seeing how everything fit made the songs just that much better. The movie was uniquely told, a creative breath of fresh air, or as I once said, a fresh of breath air. It may be a close second to HBP as far as my summer movies go. The beginning made for a surprising ending and, well, I'm satisfied with things end of to be. It's a realistic, but cute tale of, what I perceived as fate. Go see it! And listen to my favorite track off the soundtrack. And by the way, Zooey is a wonderful singer. Actually, Joseph wasn't that bad either. Even if he was acting drunk. There is something very pleasant about Joseph Gordon-Levitt when he speaks.

I discovered a bunch of Firefox add-ons, so reviews are coming in my next post. I will tell you that I now have Stumbleupon and making good use of it. So far I have found:

Some uh...interesting street art
Some examples of a project I've always wanted to do. Unfortunately, the back of my monitor is basically just a poster and wall. And shadow.
A reflex test at which I fail.
A cool way to travel through photography.
Architecture+skate+HD+mellow music=one of the most beautiful things to come out of skateboarding

Enjoy your week!


  1. thanks for the vague description of the movie, yet its so vivid haha. and what is stumbleupon? please do share

  2. lovely photograph. and yes me too..