Firefox Add-ons are kind of addictive

So my internet is fixed. But my AC is now broken. -_____- gehhh. Well at least I can blog. haha. K, so my list of Firefox has come as promised. Here's my list of the best Firefox add-ons I have used.

Stumbleupon-Currently something I use everyday. The little stumble button fits neatly on a taskbar, and collects my favorite pages in a convenient page. It's a nice and neat way to bookmark pages instead of actually bookmarking them (since I already have too many of those). Check off as many interests as you can. You never know what you'll get. You know I'm the one on the blog that loves her links, and many of them I have Stumbleuponed.

TinEye Reverse Image Search-Many a month ago, I had this brilliant idea for an image search that used images to search for the same image all over the net, no matter the size. And then last week, I found this gem. It's the most amazing search engine you'll ever find. I just wish I'd found it earlier...

Download Statusbar- I love (times 3) this app. That annoying and cumbersome download window is gone forever with this convenient little app that fits at the bottom of your browser. With a click, you can see the status of your downloads and with a double click, you can open up the download. My best friend on Firefox.

Personas-Layouts for Firefox. I recommend: this, this, that, this, and this.

-It'll probably slow your computer down while it opens up, but this one is a must-have if you're trying to find a picture. Those annoying page numbers on Google images gets tiring. And this 3D photo viewer shows bigger thumbnails. It's a life-saver if you need to find the right photo.

I hope these are useful to you guys. I'm still in the running on Brickfish, and I would appreciate your votes so much! Every 8 hours you can vote, if it so moves you. I entered in two new entries to a b/w campaign as well. Thanks and have a good week. If you're in school, good luck!

If you have any add-on suggestions, please do tell! I love these things.

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  1. omg awesome addons... i have to try them! by the way... nice blog!