Things look like this to you when you get only 2 hours of sleep before the first day of school and can't stop worrying that your internet is broken. Moral of the story is just sit still if you can't fall asleep! And stop worrying!

If you recognize the picture above, it's our banner at the top...So yes, true story. I had like no sleep the night before school and my internet decided to stop working on Saturday night. -_- So sorry I didn't answer your question, Will. And I didn't do my Firefox add-on reviews like I promised. But I'll do a post over the weekend. I'll have more time to spend with the add-ons, as I've had little time to do so. To keep you busy in the meantime, please graciously accept the following links:

How the heck do you do this???
Video games on YouTube...huh...
LOL this is why I'm a nerd.

Have a good week guys. Get good rest!

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