I have that urge to go shopping...

What kind of clothes do I seem I would wear? Because honestly I'm perfectly fine in PE shorts and a t-shirt anyday. And that's actually my attire for the day sometimes. Comfort first for me! I was watching this commercial for some clothing company for some kids and I realized that kids going into middle school or even high school grow up thinking they have to fit into some defined persona (rock star, skater, prep, uhhhh). But really, c'mon guys. We've also been told to break the mold, right? A friend of mine pointed out to me that the my class ('010 ftw!) is so lax with the clothing style. At least at my school...except there are exceptions *cough**cough*.
The nerd style is the most fun to do.

These were a couple of cute little gems I found at Urban Outfitters. I love the ship notebook, although I had no real need for it. I could really spend a few hours in there just looking around.

Currently back into 90's music-loving mode. Right now I'm listening to this one song...I think I've forgotten a bunch of the old 90's songs. Any recommendations?


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