I can never title these things...

A month or so ago the girl cutting my hair recommended this amazing product for my hair. It's made of tea tree oil and mint, so it's refreshing just using it. If I've had a bad day or if I'm suuuuper tired, this stuff can wake me up or perk me up so easily. The only downside is if you get this in your eye, it's like putting tiger balm in your eyes...and I have before actually. O_o A cooling sensation isn't good for all occasions...

Thanks to you guys for voting for my Brickfish pictures back in this post and Zamaika's in the post before this one. A friend told me you can vote every 8 hours, so if you really have some time, there you go! And do tell us if you vote. We really appreciate your support.

I applaud you if you can achieve this.

For some reason I have a thing for watches and ties, even though I wear neither of those things.

Sometime this year I hope to make a beautiful like this with one of my friends. Good times. =D

I played a Maple Story private server last night for two hours. I haven't played for a couple years now, and man is it addictive...

Have a fantastic week.

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  1. :D ! The hair product sounds so delightful!