Writer's Block is a fiend.

Senior year is proving to be busy, and far busier because of the impending future that is college. I still might have to winnow down my college list, and my mind won't let me write! I need some inspiration, so if you could help me out, I would love you forever and ever. Ten points for the person who can tell me what college this picture is. Fifty if you vote. =D
And wish me luck for tennis season. We did well for pre-season, but this Wednesday is our first actual match.
Shoutout to our new follower, Debbie!! Could you comment or something because I don't know how to use the follow widget to get to your profile. haha yes I'm so pro at being n00b.

My sister's visiting. And another one is coming home tomorrow. =D Someone new to bother. muahahaaha.

So I'm really getting a Community Channel addiction. And I'm actually behind on the vlogbrothers stuff. Could it be that my interest is waning?? I miss old school vlogbrothers when we were all cheering John on to chug blenderized Happy Meals, when Strawberry Hill meant something, when in your pants was invented, and when just looking at a Peep made one want to roll over and hurl.

Billboards can be so amazing. It took me a long time to figure out the McDonald's one. Too clever for me I suppose.

Colors, colors, colors for inspiration. I wish I could translate color into a coherent, witty essay.

Yearbook pictures. Classy. I hope mine don't haunt me someday. Ryan Seacrest. haha.

Have a great week guys. And make good use of those Firefox Add-ons! If you, too, are on the adventure to college, good luck to you.

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  1. Is that Stanford?
    http://www.offbeatearth.com/night-of-the-living-statues/ is amazing. Stumbleupon is wonderful!
    I agree with you about the vlogbrothers. I don't know, they're evolving. Like Pokemon, but in a different sense.

    S'kay. I get noobed on blooger alll the time.