Can't wait til fall!

My brother pointing at the birds flying down the shore. For some reason, there were different flocks of them flying together in the exact same path. It's amazing how birds have such good internal compasses. I read about a study once that proved that people naturally walk around in circles if they get lost in the forest. Now, how did that happen?

Summer is wonderful and all because it means more freedom than usual and no homework. But really, the best season ever is fall. Everything looks so much better when the weather is perfect and the leaves turn color. I went to Canada when I was 11 during autumn and I saw some of the most beautiful examples of nature. I also like going to William-Sonoma. It makes me feel like it's fall. That made no sense at all.

Have you guys had Sobe Life Water? It's like the best drink ever created. And I'm not even kidding. Go play 3 tennis matches and drink some ice cold Life Water. Best. Thing. Ever. Well, I guess, anything ice cold after tennis is the best thing ever...

How does one acquire such a high sense of detail? (pt. 1 of 3)

In regards to Zamaika's last post, tomorrow is the MTV VMAs, and OK Go up for an award for that same video alluded to. It's been awhile since anything huge has happened for them, so I hope they win! There's this story behind the video about sticking it to the man.

Back in 2006, the band made their famous video and posted it to YouTube, all on their own accord and without Capitol Records' permission. They made a homegrown video and just launched it. Capitol Records attempted to gain something from their video success and uploaded their own HIGA video to YouTube. Thankfully, the original is up to 47 million and the "official" up to 300 something thousand. OK Go isn't just a bunch of quirky guys who make videos. They're an actual band, they're really amazing people, and they make really awesome music. And we can all learn a thing or two from them about staying grounded.

btw, Zamaika, my favorite is the last one on your last post. =D

Speaking of awesome music...

Best wishes!

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