Sony Ericsson

messing with lomo again

I saw my little nephew's ultrasound today. He's going to be a really active little kid!

I'm getting back into papercraft. Unfortunately, though, I haven't made any lately. =/ If you haven't tried it, go try it!

I replaced my 580i for the 3rd time today. I like the phone a lot, but it always dies on me. meh. 90 day warranty ftw!

I am now officially sick. I have a sore throat on one side and my nasal passage feels like sandpaper, but everything else is normal. It's really weird...Any random panaceas you could offer?

If you haven't heard the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack yet, go listen to it. And thanks to Lizzie, I am now addicted to another instrumental song. Beautiful stuff. It makes me want to go sit on a bench in a park that has fall colors.

Have you patted yourself on the back today?


  1. OMG that photo is so well taken.

  2. i loveee penelope x]
    'you are my sunshine' is my ringtone.

  3. thankyou for the comment lovviee!
    and wow this photo is amazing!