blue morpho butterfly

"the hidden harmony is better than the obvious."
-pablo picasso

again with the butterflies, i know.
& rocks.
& i'm sorry i've been away.
i won't bother exhausting you with excuses.
rather, please take these as a peace offering.
it's just that i don't really have anything worth saying, & so i just refrain from making you suffer through a pointless ramble.
i think it's better for the both of us. yeh?

on a different note, i also saw 500 days of summer. quite a while back actually. & just as i thought i would, i liked it.
a lot of people disliked summer's character, but in her defense, she did say from the start that it wouldn't end as he thought it would. it was a disclaimer. he can't expect anything. also, if he isn't the one, he isn't the one. right?
anyway, maybe it's just me. maybe it's because i can relate. i don't know, what do you think?

there's something i have to talk about though, the soundtrack. my goodness, it was like my itunes playing onscreen. Kaisa, my wonderful friend, had to sit next to me as i sang along the entire time :)

do you know what else i've noticed?
the smiths.
the smiths and their consistent ability to be noticed. to be shared. to be listened to.
in movies, or in real life, whichever you prefer, whenever the smiths are playing, someone invariably points out that they love the smiths or starts humming along or starts singing the lyrics or takes their headphones off and waves them at your face signaling for you to listen and share and enjoy the glorious euphony that is the smiths' music. it's a constant. or it's probably just me. yes, it's probably just me. so if you haven't you really ought to check them out :)


  1. oh god ive wanted to see that movie forever ♥
    & your photos are gorge .

  2. The photographs are so pretty!
    I really want to watch that movie, but haven't been able to yet

  3. pretty pics!

    i know what you mean about the 500 days music - i practially already owned all the songs too!

  4. Wow. Great photos, i love the colour of those rocks..