here it goes...again

i'm sure heidi has a thing or two to say about that title.
anyway, this post is for the butterflies. these shots are all i have of them for now.
i'll probably take more in the future, but this is it for a while.

i'm sorry that i can't provide you with their specific names since i'm not much of an expert. i do love them though.
which one has been your favorite?

when i was four, i saw a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon. i moved forward to try to help, but my mom stopped me. she said that if i helped it break out, it wouldn't be able to fly. she said that it was the struggle that gave it the strength to fly and survive.
she also told me that if you whispered a wish to a butterfly, it will carry it off to someone who will make it come true.


  1. Those are all so beautiful, so hard to pick one favorite! I guess the first, third, and last are my favorites, but they are all beautiful.

  2. wow, these are simply stunning .
    & that little story of when you were four is amazing .

  3. Oh !
    I love butterflies ! Beautiful pictures !