Katy Perry's image of waking up in Vegas is not nearly close to mine

I had a photo trip with my Dad a couple days ago, so I'll have aplenty coming from that one. I finally got to visit our local Urban Outfitters, which I must say was not as cool as the one in SF. But that's because it's SF. AP scores are in (GMH), and the next thing coming is a retake of the SAT I's. The college admission process is upon me, and it's full speed ahead! Photography keeps me kind of sane at times, though. I'm glad I have that, no matter how much I do enjoy school.

Harry Potter comes out in 3 days! I'm putting a counter on Chromaphilick. YESSS. Emma Watson's going to school here in the US. I wonder where. I joked with my mom that wherever she goes to college, I'll definitely pick that one. haha. Yeah, we'll see. Can you tell I'm in HP obsession mode again?

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