Urban Outfitters is a pretty nice place to gander around for a while. There, I learned that I would really enjoy this book.

So...HARRY POTTER is OUT! I don't know why I'm so excited, because I won't be seeing it until next Friday. But you know, just the fact that the world can see it is enough to make me happy.

I'll be seeing you guys in about a week, or if you/I am lucky enough, I'll have a computer within that time. Zamaika! Call me when you get back in town! I have no idea if she'll actually read this...

Do you guys know what ffffound.com is? Because all I know is that it's full of graphical inspiration.

And one last thing, I've discovered omgpop, this mutiplayer online game site. Pictionary ftw!

Have a great week you guys. Enjoy your summer. And please do leave a comment somewhere on here. We're losing the love. Let us know someone's still out there besides us reading this. haha.

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