Once Again

The wedding was beautiful and really relaxing. I had my first pedicure/manicure, which was pretty interesting. We were in this little town called Ojai
I don't think I could live in a small town. It was really peaceful for a few days, but I think I like cities much better. I have to sort through bout 3000+ photos at the moment, so that stuff will have to wait. It was hilarious to see my family whip out their cameras. And the full arsenal of DSLR, too. The photographer probably got a kick out of that one. But my problem was that the reception was too dark and I had to manual focus. And looking at the results, I must say I am SUCH a n00b at it.

John Green knows exactly why it's so awesome to be a nerd. :42

And I FINALLY watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yeah, sure it was all character development. But you know what? I waited a whole extra half a year for that thing! AND it's HARRY POTTER. I LOVED IT!

I've read a few books so far this summer. Death of a Salesman, Slaughterhouse Five, Northanger Abbey, Fruits Basket (even better than television), and currently One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Nothing totally out there, but I figure I need to read those classics. Yes, that includes the Fruits Basket.

Is it just me or have those Warheads candies and the show Monk just disappeared?

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  1. Those Holgas....WOW! A Holga is def. on my wish list.