My Day's Spent

I had a bit of a photo spree and running spree today at the Spring's Preserve. I took a couple "panoramics". I'm not even sure what to call them. They're just photo stitches I suppose...

The new Wong Fu video's out! And I'm not quite sure how I like it yet. Only the first two parts have been released, and it feels like it's all leading up to the best parts. Unfortunately, those two last parts will be released in succession on the next two Fridays. Oh, Wong Fu, why must you taunt me so?

This is really interesting. It's a Twitter that is actually the diary of blogger David Griner's grand-aunt. She lived in the 1940's in America on a farm, and boy was farmlife a bit uneventful. There does seem to be, however, a lot of getting sick and a lot of guns. Interesting...Just a piece of history I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you happen upon a good rest of your weekend. Be productive. =D

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