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Sorry for the lapse in posts. Midterms are this week and it's been crunch time for a while now. I got a break a couple days ago and I went to CES (the consumer electronics show) with a couple friends. We were just about the only people under 18 and not in some kind of business attire. haha There weren't as many freebies as usual. I did get some nice 3D glasses. hoohah! There are some amazing things coming out this year, but I only remember:

-3D television in your home (but you have to buy a special TV to watch it)

oh wait, I didn't even look a the products half the time. I was just looking/hoping to see someone famous *cough* Wong Fu or taking pictures...Jeopardy was taping, so I got a veryyyy far away look at Alex Trebek. He was probably just avoiding the cameras. And I saw this 150 inch television, which is just insane if you can afford to put in your house.

One thing that won't stop bothering me is that I can't figure out this song. I took a video just in case someone might know. I really like it and I realllly want to know what it is. Can anyone help, please?

Wish me luck!

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