Once in a Blue Moon

This was about the 20th take of similar shots I took the day it snowed here a month ago. The snow caked on the car window pane, the water condensed on the glass. I'm not used to snow, so I'm not sure if this is something that, like, usually happens when it snows. xD

This one was perfect. We stopped at a red light and the tail light of the car next to us was in the right spot so that the moisture sort of diffused the light.

Anyway, this is a once in a long time shot. It hasn't snowed like that for 30 something years and it only lasted about a day where I live.

Randomness: These mustache pencils are absolute genius. Anyone want to buy me some? haha

New Wong Fu video tomorrow!
I hope you can tell I'm the obsessive one here. xD

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