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So I'm sure you've all heard... It's election day! 

I'm super excited to find out who our next president will be but I'm even more excited about the fact that I don't have to watch these commercials anymore.
I've been watching them for a year and it gets kind of annoying after a week.
Anyway, I'm still not eligible to vote. Dang it... This is like one of the most exciting elections and I can't vote.
Everyone says it will be historical... But that's if Obama wins... If he doesn't, will it still be as historical?

I hope everyone got out and voted.
My mom didn't but at the same time I can understand her point of view.
I'm more worried about the younger generation not getting out and voting.
There's more of us, so the more that vote the better. 
Enjoy your week and all that good stuff.

Testing tomorrow. I hope I don't fail. If I do, bye-bye diploma! 

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