Just One of Those Days

Well today started off as one of those days that felt like nothing could ruin it.

I went to a friends party at the Mandalay Bay and stayed the night with a view of all of Vegas.
Played pranks all night and didn't sleep till 5.
And went to the wave pool on a cloudy, windy day and made me feel like I was lounging on the beach.
But by the time you get  back home you feel all that stress come back and BAM! Relaxation and a stress free life have gone bye-bye! 
I forgot my $89.00 jacket at the hotel and that jacket is no longer available. 
BUT I'm positive my friends grabbed it for me.
My mom seems to think otherwise and is making me freak out even more because she won't let it go.

So the stress free and peaceful day I thought I would have has disappeared and now I feel stressed and upset.
But yet I don't know why.
Yes I'm scared for the jacket... But I'm not sure that that's what's bugging me.
Do you ever have those days where you just feel  upset and stressed and feel like crying, but yet you have no idea why because nothing has happened to make you feel this way?
Well welcome to the club. I'm there right now and it's a sucky place to be in if I do say so myself.

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