Awkwardness and Flickr Tips

This is like the awkwardest thing I've ever seen two mannequins doing. O_o. Oh, the interesting things you'll find at the mall. Have you ever been at the mall at like 10 at night?? It's really dark. And the escalators are turned off. Well this is what I saw two nights ago setting up for the Alzheimer's walk at 8. The food court was almost completely empty and it just made for a good picture.

Today was not nearly as exciting as Ari's because it was spent doing HOMEWORK!!!! blehhh but thank goodness for the weird Tuesday break coming up. Election day! wh00000t! I'm way too energetic for this time of day. But I'm mostly a night person anyhow.

So it's getting kind of chilly today and gloomy. I don't know about you, but I really like that kind of weather. Growing up in the desert does that to you I guess...

Ok, I realized that a lot of our blog so far has been us talking about life and stuff but I think it's time also to give to the readers (which will hopefully grow exponentially like a petri dish of bacteria on a warm, humid day. NERDFIGHTERS! Go Harry Potter! That was for Zamaika. =D

Well my first thing to give is to you Flickr users who can't seem to get enough comments/favorites/views.

Tip 1: tag your photos! Unless someone searches your username, your pictures won't show up on searches.

Tip 2: join Flickr groups. There are thousands of groups to put your photos into. All you have to really do is join the group and then add your photo in, and just like magic hundreds of users will be able to see your work. This is also a great way to see other people's work and meet other people. You can join multiple groups so don't feel like you're commiting to anything big. Some of my favorite groups are:

Young Photographers-because the new age of photography just amazes me.
Colors and Colors-because...well just look at this blog's name.
I Love Nature-because we all should!
I Love Black and White-because white is the culmination of all colors and black balances white.

On one final note, I'm really loving the song Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot. It's just amazing when you can hear the band is having a good time just making music together.

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