Picture taken a long time ago at the Getty. This was when I made my sig part of the pictures...Yeah then I realized it was a little distracting...

I watched Up yesterday in 3D. It was hilariously cute and did I mention in 3D?? Except it cost us a few bucks more for the 3D part, but it's ok. I got a pair of not-so-free 3D glasses/ghetto cheap nerd glasses. Pixar made very nice use of their new 3D technology. Lots of DoF camera shifts and flying in the sky. In all, a beautifully crafted movie especially the play with color and balloons.

The end of the year really should look better to me than it does right now. But maybe the stress in my stomach will be overcome by my brain. And no, as much as I am a nerd, it's not even just stress from the SATs this Saturday or the finals this week. It's a whole lot of other stuff in the way of my mind. I really have no reason right now to feel this way. I need a boost. Wanna help open my eyes?

Summer= photography. I'm kind of lacking right now...

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