Balloons, Anyone?

Throwing water balloons at teachers for money:priceless.
Cleaning up two hundred balloon fragments:time-consuming.

Is it just me or is the world really into balloons right now? It's all over the place. Lily Allen(watch the end. It's epic balloon time), Tim Walker(an amazing Vogue photographer), Matchbox 20, old French films, everywhere. Ok, the last one was around for awhile. But even look at Oh Joy!. She knows it too. Balloons are popular right now. 99 Red Balloons? Yeah, I know. I just had to throw that one in too.

Wow. Ok, I've just noticed that all these things aren't really new. Oh well. You get my drift.

I JUST discovered KevJumba. Yes, yes, I know. I'm really behind on these things. If you're even slower than I am, which I'm sure you're not, this is KevJumba.

Video game music ftw.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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