Paper Days in Paper Towns

I remember when everyone used to sing Grillz all the time. Or maybe that was just my school...
I feel so behind with photography and all that, but hopefully I'll come across something.

This is simply amazing. It's a forest made out of a small paper bag, in a small paper bag. It reminds me of this beautiful paper art(picture from Oh Joy!, "link in the sidebar* finger mustache) by Yulia Brodskaya. And sort of related to that, this stunning paper crane chandelier. Maybe if I work really hard at it, I can make one of those someday.

This is a little bit of a boredom reliever. I can't really get any sort of rhythm going, but maybe you'll have some luck with it.

I don't remember if I've posted Abridged Becoming Jane before, but it never gets old.

John and Hank have asked for another punishment. They haven't done one for a long time. I was watching some old school vlogbrothers yesterday and I realized they haven't really come up with anything new in terms of Nerdfighter inside jokes. Last year it was all Strawberry Hill and peeps with some books "in my pants" and waxing John's chin. But there hasn't been much of that lately. I hope this one brings that old school Brotherhood 2.0 spirit back.

Have a good week. I hope this sent you off quite well.

If you're confused about the above, see my "obsessions". =D

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