I'm sure there's an easy solution to this, but I'm so confused! To any Nerdfighters out there, or anyone who isn't and would like to become one, play Truth or Fail! John and Hank are geniuses. I give kudos to anyone who gets the final riddle. I have no idea what to do. According to the comments, the clue is really easy to figure out. In Heidiland, we're having a little bit of trouble believing that. -_-

I'm trying to convince my sister to go watch Unforgettable, a play at USC put on by CASA (Chinese American Student Association). I think Wong Fu will be there...but Far East Movement definitely will be.

VOTE FOR QUEST! or Beat Freaks. I'd actually be pretty happy with either. But my official vote goes to Quest. Voting ends March 5th E.T, which I think means that voting ends in an hour here in the P.T. But you can try anyway. Tomorrow's the finale!

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  1. Wow this picture is awesome, I love the colors ! I'll try to play Truth or Fail looks fun :)