I really would like...

I really think a lomo would be fun to toy around with. And perhaps an old polaroid or a wide angle lens. Film is a little costly to me right now, and a wide angle will set me back, but maybe one day...

I took this one at the Urban Outfitters in San Francisco. I absolutely LOVE that city. It's perfect for photography, and this summer I took to Northern Cali to visit some family and see my dream school. It was a few months before this blog started, so I haven't shown the world my work yet. I'll be posting my best for the next few days, since I won't have much of my best shots for a few weeks. I'll be saving them up for the competition. I'm also cracking down on studying and whatnot. I went to Borders yesterday to look at study books and I literally got a headache just by the stress that followed.

I think...I need a break. I'm glad photography can give me some repose at least.

What relaxes you? And if it's photography, how does photography relax you?

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  1. nice photos! =) it's great that you're really into photography... can sense it from the way you write about it...

    thank you for your comment btw!

    for me, taking photographs can be pretty relaxing but only when the photos turn out the way I wanted them to... there's always a set image I have in mind and it only fulfills my vision half the time. So the other half can be pretty frustrating at times. But I guess it comes with practice ;p All the best with your studies! What are you studying now?

    Have a great new year!