Off to the Sunset, off to 2009

At my absolute dream school. This is the reason I've been studying like crazy for the past bajillion years. But it's also the reason I'm such a nerd.
It's been my dream to go here ever since I went there as a little girl. I sort of just knew it was my school and I never lost that feeling...
This past summer, I went back up to get a tour around the campus and it was one of the best days of the whole trip. I'm just hoping and wishing I'll one day be able to call it my own.

That day, we went down by this place where the beach met rocks and the road, so we took pictures from the golden hour right up to a couple hours well after the sun was gone. It was freezing cold and I remember I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but just being there and waiting for time to pass and just not thinking about much made everything sort of...perfect.

I hope you get many of those moments in the coming year. May this year be the best out of all you have spent so far.

See you in 2009! =D

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