Scrambling for Time

Wow am I behind or what??? I apologize to whoever reads the blog, but I've been a terribly unproflific blogger this year. School has officially ended for me, and it's been a huge swirl of emotions. I'll be leaving people I've known for 7 years and some I have become best friends with I've only known for a year. I have a bunch of photos waiting to be edited, to be sure. For now, I have to go sign a ton of yearbooks since tomorrow is graduation practice and pretty much the last day I can give them to some people. So some quick updates on me:

I'm going to DC twice this summer, with an internship with Boys and Girls Club (hopefully I'll get over my fear of small children and brush up on my basketball skills heh)
I got rejected by Stanford
I'm going to Harvard instead =D
The year has been crazy
The year has been fun
I need to clean my room
I got hit in the head today with a chair. haha jk Alex I forgive you. Even though you're my rival.
I went to San Francisco with my chamber orchestra and did a little tour of Nevada. All the way up Reno and then to San Fran. We saw Wicked, went to Alcatraz, and the ceilings were too short in the hotel room to jump on the beds.

I found this wayyyy back in December, but here's the full film for First Days of Spring. It's lovely, just watch it.
One of my new favorite LOLcats
for Prom =D
Try some Alphabeat or Bon Iver. Total ends of the spectrum but totally part of your daily healthy intake of indie. =D

See you all sooner than I did last time.
I've decided. When I get to college I want to learn how to a.breakdance and b.DJ
amongst other things

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  1. Wow, how exciting (Harvard I mean). I hope you enjoy your internship...