I wish you luck!

Stephen! Stuffing!
like this picture of us???

I hope you have a nice trip over to Texas, and a wonderful new life over there for the next few months before you head off to Berkeley. We've had way too many good memories, and we will make more in the future! I promise you. And I got oovoo, btw. Thanks for all of the late-night AIM chats, OMGPOP Pool games in which I pwned you, your great sense of humor, your tolerance of my teasing, your silent laughter, and for being an amazing best friend. I'm sorry you had to be the first friend I had to see leave Vegas before college, but I'm glad you're always online so I can bother you like you're not miles away. =D I will miss you.

the beginning of summer means
new music
I'm now a Clark alumnus!
and now I want to go swimming

I'm getting a new camera, but I don't know which to get yet. All I know is I want a DSLR that can do video and shoot some mean photos. Suggestions?

and Stephen, I will never make you a sandwich if you ask me.

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