One Year Old!

Bite of Las Vegas 2009. With Zamaika, Peiwei, and Richard. What a fun day.

Sorry I've neglected you all for so long. College apps/school/everything has kept me away. Hopefully you had enough company without me on Chromaphilick. But I'm back for our one year! A year ago, and 256 posts ago, we started the blog with these. For me, the blog has been a way to get out my thoughts and photography, no matter where they went. We were really happy to see that we were gathering an international "fanbase", if you want to call it that, and I'd like to. This has been a great year. I don't think there was one day that passed by when I didn't look at the blog, and yes, I did even in the last two weeks I wasn't posting. I was admiring Zamaika's owl and her food. I have adored and been by humbled the other two photographers on here. Thanks for being there, even if you didn't comment or tell us you are here. We know you exist.

Who knows where we will be in a year. So much has happened since we started, and we cannot even begin to tell you. But if you have been following us, thanks for being there to witness it. I'm hoping this is just the beginning of Chromaphilick.

Thank you for your support on Brickfish!

And as usual, I have a ton of links for you, and extras because it's a) our one year and b) because I owe you.
Hilarious dog costumes.
Amazing human costumes.
All the single ladies.
So cute.
So beautiful.
King Charles makes music.
Sense and Sensibility.
Autumn Breeze.

and as in the very first post, Happy Halloween.


  1. What a milestone, keep up the good work. I love these shots.