It's FALL!!!

It was raining for like a week here, which I actually kind of liked. It's so weird to see the leaves change in the Yard. There are seasons here!!! I'm doing photography for The Voice, a life mag here at Harvard that has an awesometastic blog and a little gem called HarvardFML. YEAH. I'm also gonna learn to mix music (and hopefully DJ eventually) for CityStep, this awesome organization that teaches city kids to dance. And I'm trying to breakdance. So far I can hold up a turtle freeze for like 2.5 seconds, and I have bruises on both knees and a sore body. Hopefully these ventures will be successful.

I'm learning how to balance my time and still have me-time. Time goes so fast here, so fast it feels like I didn't even exist in September. But it's been such a fun ride otherwise, besides the work. I'm loving the people here, my roomies, everyone. I <3 college. Just not the work.

For everyone who saw The Social Network, Harvard is not full of snobs and socially inept people. No joke.

And I thought I loved tape.
possibly my new favorite photographer (and currently my wallpaper supplier)
10,000 true things
some lovely tunes.

I hope y'all are doing well. =D