As usual, there are never enough hours in a day.

This is probably the last one I'll post from my old Olympus, because I have my new Canon t2i!!!

So I thought this summer I'd get regular with posting again, but yeah, that didn't work. Neither did studying, reading more books, and the SYTYCD tour. But instead I got 2 DC trips, met Obama, Ted Fu, John McCain, Harry Reid, watched the XGames live, ate funnel cake, went go kart racing and kayaking, saw/touched the Jabbawockeez up close, got my license, fell in love again with Cali, worked a pretty rewarding internship at BGCLV, and went on a scavenger hunt on the Strip which included doing the hokey pokey with strangers and singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in the middle of the Fashion Show Mall.

So yeah, even though I didn't do the boring stuff I was hoping to force myself to do, I had a much better time just...living. I hope the adventure of life to come is just as or even more amazing as this summer was. I'll be going to Harvard soon, and I'm determined to have fun and make it the best experience it can be. If I mentioned it before, I want to learn/try bgirling and DJing. Even I can't imagine that, but I never know what can happen.

btw, I love my new HTC Aria.

If I don't post before I get to Boston...Thanks Vegas, for being my home for the past 18 years.
I still hate your dry heat.
And thanks for opening the largest Forever 21 in America right before I leave.

I gotta do this sometime.
Time to get classy.
That Blackberry ad song is beautiful (Le Loup).
They had Abercrombie & Fitch back then?!
A remix that is decidedly better than the original.
Riding that rhythm like a cruiser on the beach.
An nerd with beats? Sounds like who I wanna be.
And if anyone wants to buy me one of these fonts, I'd love you forever.

Stay well, guys. Stay happy.
did I mention I love to color with Sharpies?

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