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You guys have no idea how much I missed blogging. I would look at the blog everyday and feel that tinge of guilt that I wasn't posting anything, even though I have a million things to show you I've been collecting over the past month. College apps are taking over my lifeeee. Finally break is here and I am able to edit some of the pictures I took over a long while now. I've been trying some new material, but what I really need is more photos of people...

Here's some big news: I have a nephew!!! I get to see him in a couple of days! He looks like a really big baby and looks a lot like my brother. Very cute. =D

So I was at Forever 21 yesterday (on a much-needed shopping break) and heard Christmas Wrapping, by The Waitresses, which is currently on repeat. Apparently it's an old song, but I've never heard of it before. Love the horns.

Even more importantly, I am almost completely obsessed with the new Noah and the Whale. This video/song is pretty much the perfect song to end the year. The whole hopefulness and the beauty of it all is just amazing. That baseline and the piano is brilliant.
Apparently Noah and the Whale's new album is based off of the break-up between lead singer Charlie Fink and former member Laura Marling, who is in a lot of other indie songs, like a few Mystery Jets songs. The album is paired with a full film, which I haven't seen yet. But according to the above video, which is also the trailer, it's a very beautious sort of film. It takes its time to suck out all the emotion, all the scenery, all the indie it can. And it makes me want to ride a bike and shoot some 56 indie film. After their release of Five Years Time, I sort of lost my fancy for this band, but their new sound has brought me back. I think I'm actually on the brink of abandoning mainstream music...

btw, it doesn't feel like Christmas at all in Vegas. You could go out in a t-shirt and be fine. It's warm, even for Vegas. Global warming, man, I'm telling you.

Have a good week, and enjoy your holidays! I will talk to you soon.

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