Too much sugar!!!

Be prepared because you'll be getting a lot of cloud pictures.
I've never seen such amazing skyscapes as I did this past week.
I couldn't help myself.

Right now I'm at the point where I'm super hyper, I have a headache, and my mind is going too fast. I had boba and mango sorbet in that order. My body reallly cannot handle it.

So on the way back from Girls State we stopped at this little All-American town Hawthorne. And we went to this little convenience store and guess what I found??? Warheads, Now and Laters, and Big League chew grape flavor. All the things I've been trying to find for FOREVER. Thank goodness for mom and pop stores. I can now relive my childhood through candy.

And tomorrow I'll be trying this butterbeer recipe. I bought the fixings today, and we'll see how it goes tomorrow! My head is spinning so fast right now I can't exactly handle more sugar at the moment.

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