Finally I can get more of this. My summer officially started yesterday. Finally freed from SATs!!!! For awhile...yesss. For everyone who took it too, I wish you the best of luck!

Learning to drive. Pretty exciting.

Gonna go running later. I had 3 hours of tennis last night and I am so ready for more getting in shape. I feel like I haven't physically done anything for a lonnggg time.

Does anyone know how many times you can drop an ipod before it doesn't work anymore? Because the nano is super slippery and it has been dropping...a lot. O_o

For everyone following SYTYCD, I'm so disappointed with what happened to Natalie Reid. I was so rooting for her to win this year. But I hear there are conspiracies about her being cut from the show. Next year, Natalie! She's such a freaking good dancer. And apparently such a good friend (her support of Katie last year was so selfless). She auditioned to Breakdown More by Eric Hutchinson. While I'm at it, I should just throw in Pollen and Salt by Daphne Loves Derby, the audition song of Nathan Trasoras (another amazing dancer).

Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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