Time to Celebrate (in some ways)

So if you've been following Chromaphilick, you know that Zamaika loves desserts. I'm like the total opposite. I'd rather just take a bite, photograph the stuff, then be done with it. I can handle semi-sweet, but some cake is just too sweet for me to handle. If you've been following Chromaphilick, you'll also notice the dirth of posts. It's AP season, guys. Zamaika's last post explains it all.

My sister's bridal shower was a couple Fridays ago. The same Friday as Relay. Yeah, I took awhile to do anything with my photos. haha Anyway, look at the beautiful rose frosting pattern on the cupcakes. And the yummy stuff on the top. I don't even know the name of it. I also learned that fondant is, like, not edible. Unless you enjoy eating pure sugar. Then it's ok.

I think I've developed carpel tunnel really badly. But it should be better soon. I wrote 1.5 essays on Friday's USHAP and my hand hurt like crazy. =/

Have a taste of OK Go's new sound. I'm liking the cool guitar runs but the high-pitched Damian parts might need a little getting used to. The album, tentatively The Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky, will be out hopefully around September. It'll give me a boost to my obsession at the start of school. =D

NHS inductions was incredible. I'm so going to miss this year. But I'm looking forward so much to next. Everyone liked the slideshow, thank goodness. It's like the main reason for the carpel tunnel. Literally dozens of hours was put into that thing. I'm glad it all paid off though. I haven't seen so many people be as happy as that for a long time.

Confessions...Before I go to bed, I have to turn my radio on and wait for a nice word to be said/played before I turn it off. I have to see something happy on TV before I turn it off. I actually consider math homework a nice break from AP studying (1 down, 2 to go!)

For everyone still partaking in APs, good luck to all of you.

Look around. Passion Pit leaked.

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