So tell me...

Ever get attacked by a lion head??? yeahhh that was my Relay for Life '09. Hilarious stuff. Front row. yeahhhh. I know this is kind of old (Relay was in April), but I finally remembered I had some pictures that needed tending to. Sorry pictures, I neglected you for a little bit. =/

Is it really possible that I'll be graduating in like a year and a couple weeks??

Yeah. How weird...

I'm finally getting an ipod!!! Yeah, one of the last in the world to, I know. xD But I'm super-excited. Next up, a laptop. Yay Amazon is sending it earlier than expected. Super saver shipping ftw.

LSTN #4 is up. I'm probably late on this, but yeah. Have a listen.

For all of you who just feel at a loss for words sometimes. Or when you have too many to say.

"Closet geek"? not me. =D

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  1. sounds like you have quite a lot of fun from the relay! I love the lion head and the whole thing together too, I do see them quite often here :)

    btw, Congrats on getting an Ipod! have fun with it!

    agnes xx