New Music. yummm

Passion Pit has taken over the music blogosphere! I've heard a dozen remixes of this song, but the Neotokyo remix of Sleepyhead is by far the most amazing so far. If you really want to know why, skip ahead to 2:17. It's my new message alert on my phone.

If you want a totally different take on Sleepyhead, listen to The Mummers' cover. It's really pretty and kind of easier to hear the lyrics.

Btw, here's a trick. If you want a free ringtone/message tone for your phone, cut the song in Windows Movie Maker and it'll save as a music file. Just put in in your phone like a regular file and it should work. Free!!!

Keenhouse-Mecho Maniac (Short Circuit Remix)- I've never even heard the original of this one. I was listening to this one and doing math hw...*cough* yeah I'm a nerd. I actually kind of *cough* enjoy math sometimes. It feels like a journey kind of a song, if that makes sense. You'll get it once to listen through to about 4:00. Just imagine yourself traveling through space. 80's music video style. Got it?

SYTYCD started!!!! yessssss but I couldn't watch it all. I so want to watch it live this summer. They better come around here!

Have a good memorial weekend. Tomorrow we (sort of) become seniors. I can't believe we have 9 more days left. That's crazy...and kind of scary.

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