YouTube will become compost

If you guys didn't know already, all that we knew about YouTube changed last Thursday. Okay, it's not really that bad. YouTube just needs to make a little more money and advertise a bit. John Green and Hank explain it all. I just hope this is not a step toward a less user-centered community. How can we get rid of Wong Fu, vlogbrothers, NigaHiga, KevJumba, CommunityChannel, HappySlip, OK Go???? The world would be in total fits if that were to happen. The world would probably implode or something...

I noticed something really random about how I take notes. One of my OCD things is that I have to put an arrow on the bottom right of my paper. I used to do it so that I knew my notes continued on, but I realized that's pretty much self-explanatory. Now it's just another one of my weird habits.

8 weeks and we're seniors. That's crazy.


  1. I actually write a lot of weird things on my notes too,, so you are not alone. lol


  2. I am most OCD on all things notes...changing the color of the pen is just unacceptable! I love the photos on your blog including your banner!

  3. You're OCD. I'm dyslexic. Sometimes when I go over my notes I'm baffled by what I wrote. Words like "the" will be backwards, some words will start mid-word. It's a wacky wacky brain I'm carrying around in my head.

    I think everyone has some kind of problem. No?