I took this one at Williams-Sonoma, one of those stores I just enjoy going to just to look around. It's so cozy. I think one day I'll design my house to look like Williams-Sonoma, all woodsy and warm. Maybe that's a little too far.

The weather has been really nice out here, except for the blustery day we had on Saturday which caused some allergies in me that I didn't know existed. But today I was walking outside and the sky was clear. And so were my allergies, thank goodness. I was sitting in my car on my driveway and studying. It was that nice of a day. But I went inside and by the time I came back, my dad took the car to go somewhere. Darn. I think if everyone saw life in slow motion, in the moment, everything would seem far more peaceful. Do this next time you find yourself in a nice day, or even in a gloomy one. Just go outside (preferably not when there's lightning around) and just stand/sit there. Listen and look up, look at how the light plays on every surface. I guarantee you'll see the world in a better light.

I was also looking forward to taking shots of my flowering plum tree flowers, but the leaves did something weird this year and grew in with the flowers. So now the tree is all leaves, and I missed my chance. There's always next year!

Me and this song are really getting along right about now.
This website is the most ingenious thing mankind has ever put on the Internet.

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