First Photoshoot?

I really might regret posting both of these pictures together because, as you all know, I'm running short on new material. It's getting down the wire on a lot of stuff and I haven't much time to do photography!

Zamaika (yes, that mai) is just about an excellent model, as well as an excellent photographer, as you all well know. Today was a cactus clean-up out in Middle-of-Nowhere-Across-From-a-Power-Plant, Nevada. Really, it was like a million miles away. And it was next to a smoking power plant, which I had no idea we had around here.

Gah I wish I were so photogenic as Zamaika . I basically swung my camera around and snapped and she looked up, smiled, and posed for me in like a millisecond. Gosh, I wish I had that kind of skill. I think the reason why I even went into photography is that I never liked being in front of the camera. As long as I could remember, I wanted to be behind it.

Like the props? She's holding picks to dig those cacti up. She had A LOT OF FUN.
Right, Zamaika?! Muhahahha. I documented her Nyquil-dizzy, runny nosed, thorn-in-pants adventure, all

for the memories. And the slideshow.

I'm glad to finally get some new pictures. Although I may not have many for a long time.

I'd really like a Chromaphilick photoshoot somewhere like Niagra Falls...or England. Somewhere easy, hmm? *sarcasm*

Any suggestions?

Quest Crew won. YES! But I really would have been fine with Beat Freaks. I hope their future holds much success.

I figured out the aforementioned Truth of Fail! riddle. I was right the first time I tried, but it didn't work for some weird reason until I tried the day after. mmeheme I'm not going to tell you what it is though.

Check out Skittles' new "anti-site". They're showing off their ubiquity on the net.

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